Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new and improved DDA website. Our goal in rebuilding it was to create an online resource for anyone who is interested in finding out more about what it’s like to live/work/play in downtown Augusta.

Of course, we want to do a good job of connecting people who are considering relocating or expanding into downtown with the facts, figures, forms, and information they need for formal planning purposes, but we also want to connect them with the stories and first-hand experiences of area business owners and people in our community. In other words, we want to make the case for downtown Augusta quantitatively and qualitatively.

If that speaks to you, please take advantage of our Resources, Incentives & Grants, Projects, and Inventory pages to get started with the facts and information side of your visit and check out some of the other articles in this (News) section for profiles and insights of the people who do live/work/play here.

Most importantly, if you are considering a location in downtown Augusta, please get in touch with us and let us know your specific questions and needs so we can best help you. Our staff is small, but extremely-capable in terms of knowledge, expertise, and responsiveness, and the Board of Directors is engaged and ready to help.

Speaking of the board, please take a look at our member profiles. I am honored to serve with such a capable and diverse team of community leaders. I appreciate their willingness to volunteer their time and talent and the enthusiasm that each of them brings to their work.

I would also be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank three past chairs who recently transitioned out of their DDA roles (even if I still consider them team members and powerful advocates for the area).

Most recently, Cameron Nixon transitioned off of the board in February after serving with the DDA for 13 years. Mr. Nixon dutifully fulfilled every officer role on the board during his tenure, and his financial acumen, expertise in economic development, and service-oriented approach to collaboration certainly contributed to the area’s growth and revitalization. I am encouraged and thankful that as Market President for Ameris Bank and an active and engaged member for multiple Augusta area boards, his positive impact on the area is certain to continue.

Last fall, Scylance Scott stepped down after nearly a decade of service on the DDA. As the Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer at AMI Development, Mr. Scott is a purposeful leader who is dedicated to improving opportunities and outcomes for everyone in the area. Augusta is a better place because of his ability to balance the business challenges of economic development with the humanitarian principles of community development. I don’t think Mr. Scott has ever met a stranger, and anyone who knows him has a valuable friend. His continued community service and leadership are gratefully appreciated.

And, last April, the DDA lost a dedicated and active leader when Rick Keuroglian was lured to Brush, Colorado to fill the role of Assistant City Manager. In addition to five years of service on the DDA Board of Directors, Rick was known for being a powerful advocate for the Olde Town neighborhood, and the kind of person that could find common ground with anyone. He recently completed the Master of Public Administration program at Augusta University, so the new role was a logical step for him, but he will be missed.

With that, I am dangerously close to the 500-word limit imposed by my editors, so let me finish by saying thank you for visiting our new site, and if you haven’t visited lately, Come See AUGUSTA!